JanJan Sýkora

I am an enthusiastic traveler based in Brno, Czech Republic. I've been traveling since I was maybe five years old, but I started taking it seriously only after a trip to Chernobyl back in 2017. I was stunned by Ukrainian culture and the friendliness of the Ukrainian people. Since then, I have specialized in Eastern Europe and Central Asia and took some interesting trips in that direction. My ultimate goal is to visit all post-Soviet states. I'm also part of a filmmaking project called Ladoborci. It all started at the beginning of 2019, when two friends and I bought a Lada VAZ 2105 and decided to go around the world with it. So far, we have made a short documentary about Moldova (Ladoborci: Po česku v Moldavsku) and a longer film about our Czechoslovak journey (Ladoborci: Slunce, Seno, Karanténa). In my articles I would like to show a different side of the world - there are many places people easily overlook, but they are nevertheless interesting and worth to visit.

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